The 7 links project – Uno sguardo al passato

I was really surprised when I received a message to be nominataded by Valerie from, one of my favourite blog ! I decided before reading the contest to accept but arrived at home I feel nervous … I’m always in hurry and blogging is another job, where I can I find the time? So I start to ask my husband because for me the best project are always tomorrow…

Now I found my 7 old post:
1) My Smart:

This is a post to celebrate my one year blog, in June, a big party with a lot of Finger Food. I cooked a whole day and was so difficult to decede what Finger Food to post so I did a video and at least the easier recepe: Dim Sum (my version). My friend were incredoulos about this little glass with inside little food. In general Italian party are with a big bowl with inside a lot of food!

2) My Dear:

This is a tipical recepe, Fregula Sarda con Arsella, that my mum make the Christmas Eve every year and now I do the same. It’s important for me to have some menu as a tradition for special occasion and to be close with family that lives far from me. When I make this Fregula it’s always better taste, trying to prove…

3) My Proud:

I love this recepe, Tramonto a Venezia, because a won a Contest with that. I love Venice so I put whole my energy to create something special. The ingrediends are exepensive, black rice and fish,  but for Venice it’s worth.

4) My Preffered:

The Piadina it’s famous and cheap street food in Romagna, a region were comes my husband. Everyone like piadina because you can choise your staff inside: cold cuts, vegetables or cheese. It’s possible to make piadina vey thin or thick.

5) My Orrible:

This recepe, a soup with carrots and beetroot, is a good recepe but I did a orrible picture, the most orrible. The lovely purple colour of the beetroot had became bright red, another soup… but during the winter some of my picture are red or yellow.

6) My Love:

This Chilli con Carne recepe for truth is my husband’s best choise. I bought the mix of spicies in London and with my coccote I did this Mexican food. He has also my personal sommelier…

7) My Sweet:

The Cheese Cake, American and English version, is the sweet that I like to do. First because  you can do in different step, so this is an advantages for my busy life, second because is made with cheese and cheese is a category in my blog, third because is my step daughter birthday cake …

Now to continue the 7 links project, I have invited 5 other bloggers who’s blogs I’d love to see through their eyes. I can’t wait to see their surprising, favorite and helpful posts! And thanks again Valerie, for inviting me! It was hard, but fun!

Giulia of Rossa di sera

Benetetta of A pranzo con Bea

Stella of Una stella tra i fornelli

Stefania of Bigshade

Lorella of Dolci e salate tentazioni


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  • Marica

    @Ancutza: non vedo l’ora di vedere le tue! saluti golosi marica

  • Ancutza

    Ciao Marica, piacere di conoscerti. Molto golose tutte le tue ricette, te ne prendo un pò di tutto:), ma sono una sweet tooth:).Adesso Giulia m’ha passato la palla dei 7 link. A presto, Ancutza

  • Valerie

    Thanks for participating! And I love your post. It’s so fun to see all the posts that are special to you! xx Valerie

  • Marica

    @arabafelice: peccato che tu non abbia risposto per partecipare. Mi piace molto il tuo blog e la cucina che seguo…

  • arabafelice

    E’ stato carino leggere questa carrellata 🙂

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